Sustainability Goals

“Doing the right thing has never let us down, fashion with integrity feels good and looks good on everyone.”
Tania Austin, Owner & Managing Director

At DECJUBA, ethical sourcing and sustainability are a fundamental part of our DNA. We acknowledge there is no quick fix to making a positive impact on the planet and we continue to not only work with our suppliers, but also develop initiatives throughout the business to maintain our ethical focus.

The more people who care about the ethical responsibility of the fashion industry the better.

We understand that sustainability is a journey… we have set clear goals to ensure that having a positive impact on our planet is the driving force behind the decisions we make along each step of our ethical journey:
  • • From October 2019 100% of all our new cotton & denim products will be made with BCI accredited cotton.
  • • From January 2020 75% of all our new apparel products will contain sustainable fibres.
  • • DECJUBA has aligned with the APCO (Australian Packaging Convenant Organisation) 2025 goals but we aim to smash this goal by 2020.

    But it doesn’t stop there… we are committed to sustainability and traceability in our supply chain and are continuing to develop initiatives through our entire business. This means being transparent, being accountable and ensuring we make amazing at every touch point from our supply chain to our customers.
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