As our store footprint expands, so does our commitment to ensure a sustainable approach is taken

At DECJUBA we are committed to taking an environmentally sustainable approach… down to our expanding store footprint.

When developing new or refitting existing stores we aim to:
  • • Re-use building structures & fabrics to reduce the need for new materials
  • • Ensure each store fit out is timeless to reduce the need for consistent updates
  • • Have all our fittings made to order which makes the products durable, long lasting and reduces waste
  • • Use paint that complies with the requirements for the Indoor Environment Quality credit in Green Star Australia rating tools
  • • Use timber that complies with Forestry Standard Council
  • • Reduce the plastic/acrylic used in our store fixtures
  • • Only fit LED lighting in all our stores

    Once the store is trading, we continue to have a positive impact on the environment through in- centre recycling & only use recyclable packaging in store.

    Many of the centres where our stores are located run recycling programs, we participate when possible and always make the most of these programs.

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