DECJUBA have partnered with Earth Day Network to show our commitment to making a difference… to us it’s not a day, it’s a movement!

We understand that we have an impact on the environment and have long standing commitments to minimising our environmental impact at every touch point of our business by asking the question… ‘is this the most sustainable option?’
We have implemented a recycling program from introducing a clear bin system, officially having a ban on single use plastic bags and only using recycled cardboard boxes to being a part of the Nespresso recycling program that transforms waste into compost.
We are proud of our office space and the natural light it has, however where necessary we have installed energy saving light globes. Did you know that for every globe you replace with energy- efficient light bulbs, you reduce CO2 emissions by half a ton…?!
Ensuring Earth friendly kitchen cleaning products are used to eliminate the toxic waste being released into our water ways.
We have implemented digital systems to digitally share files throughout the whole business to create a paperless office environment.
The introduction of ‘Who gives a crap’ toilet paper and paper towels ensures that we are not only having a positive impact on the environment but also helping to raise funds to build toilets for those in need.
What happens to old computers? Enable I.T’s Equipment Recycling program has a strong environmental & social impact. Through this program our old computers are re-deployed, saving them from landfill & distributed locally to assist disadvantaged job seekers.