Ethical Fabrics
65% off our product range has cotton as a core component which makes our membership of the Better Cotton Initiative significantly impactful, Our goal… from October 19, 100% of newly dropped product will be made with BCI accredited cotton.

During April 2019, we released a limited edition “Earth Day” Tee, which was made using 100% organic cotton and all labelling was made from recycled materials.
Billions of plastic bottles go into landfills and our ocean every year but now DECJUBA is doing something about it. Joining Unifi, a leading global textile solutions company, we are doing our best to incorporate REPREVE fibres into our garments and that is why we have transitioned some of our most loved styles into recycled fabrications.

This year, we launched a Puffer Jacket, our best-selling Carrie Tee, a tote bag and some of our amazing denim styles are now made from recycled materials. From using yarns that are made from recycled polyester to the use of recycled plastic bottles… this marks our first step into eco-friendly fashion.

We are committed to continuing to grow and evolve our Sustainability training & development for both our merchandise team and suppliers. This training ensures that our team are aware of all their sustainable options and are committed to making the most appropriate sustainable choice behind each garment.

Ethical and sustainability practices are at the core of our values as a business… and I am so proud that we have launched a range of eco-friendly fashion! Every small change makes a big difference

DECJUBA has a zero-tolerance policy for animal cruelty! Suppliers must adhere to DECJUBA ‘s Banned Practices and Substances Policy and ensure that all animals are treated humanely. We believe that our products can look and feel amazing without the negative impacts… that is why we have set strong guidelines for cow, sheep, and goat hide to be a by-product of other industries.

DECJUBA is a fur free retailer, we have prohibited the use of Angora Rabbit hair in the production of DECJUBA products.