Our company values of Honesty, Bravery, Integrity, Innovation and Optimism drive our Code of Conduct and govern our ongoing relationships with our suppliers. Our Code of Conduct outlines our strong non-negotiable principles on modern slavery, including zero tolerance of forced labour, child labour and gender discrimination. It also sets out our non-negotiable principles around banned practices and materials including Uzbekistan cotton, animal cruelty and environmental sustainability.

We are very passionate about driving and embedding our Code of Conduct with our suppliers. It’s a continuous journey that includes thorough routine audits; a detailed supplier onboarding process; regular factory visits from the DECJUBA leadership team with a focus on long-term, sustainable partnerships; and training for both our suppliers and the DECJUBA team on ethical and sustainable practices, including acceptable working conditions and fair living wages.
Our Code Of Conduct
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Zero tolerance for Child Labour
We have zero tolerance for child labour and so do our partners. All workers must meet the age limit defined by the International Labour Organisation Convention or national law, whichever is higher.
Zero tolerance for Forced Labour
Our partners treat their team with dignity and respect. Workers consider themselves free to stop working or leave work, our partners do not use threats, coercion or deception as a means to force labour. Our partners provide a workplace that is free from all forms of bullying and harassment.
Zero tolerance for discrimination
As a female led business, with a 99% female work force, we have zero tolerance for discrimination. Our partners employ their team based on each individual’s capacity to perform required tasks, not on personal characteristics or beliefs.
Bribery and Corruption
Our partnerships are free from bribery and corruption. Our relationships are based on fair business decisions.
Freedom of Association
Workers have the right to bargain collectively and be represented.
Fair living wages must be paid
Our partners pay local living wages, benefits and overtime, in compliance with law. Workers clock on and off in working hours that are in line with local and international standards. Workers must have at least one day off for each seven-day period and any overtime must be voluntary.
Raw materials must be responsibly sourced
Our partners do not knowingly use cotton originating from Uzbekistan in the production of our garments. For all DECJUBA products containing cotton, our partners must be able to provide and authenticate documentation to prove genuine Country of Origin. Unil the government of Uzbekistan ends the practice of forced child and adult labour in the cotton industry, we will not use cotton sourced from this region.

Animal Cruelty
Our partners must adhere to animal rights. We strongly believe that animals must be treated humanely, we have zero tolerance for animal cruelty. We have, in the past walked away from factories who do not share our stance on animal rights.

We work with our suppliers to ensure we have the best leather products. Cow, sheep, and goat hide sourced by our partners are a by-product of other industries. Animals must be humanely slaughtered ensuring minimum distress.

We do not use Angora Rabbit hair products, as they are unable to be sourced ethically.
Health and Safety
Our supplier's provide work environments that are of a safe and healthy standard. They conduct regular maintenance to ensure buildings and equipment are safe and fit for purpose and provide training to workers to enable them to undertake their jobs safely.

Our partners provide sanitary toilet facilities and access to clean drinking water at all times.
Our partners uphold environmentally sustainable practices and comply with all applicable national laws.